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Polanski uses the thematic device of the anti-hero protagonist who is basically a good guy but who sometimes makes questionable decisions.

Jake is an anti-hero who tries to help everyone and get the truth out but who makes a lot of questionable decisions.

In film noir from the 1940’s and 1950’s, pictures were hues of black and white.

One of the tactics Polanski used to generate depth and provide varied moods was to create shadows through the use of windowpanes.

When the United States of America first came to be a nation, it was seen as a melting pot of all cultures.

As much as this was believed to be true, the cultures that were making the trek to this new nation were almost only European cultures.In fact, chances are good that the toys you see are the very same ones you gawked at when you were 4 or 5 years old… Why you want to buy it: No childhood bathtub memory is complete without a lifeless plastic man floating eerily among your rubber ducks and washcloths.After all, the best way to teach your children to appreciate life is to regularly expose them to death. The “Ball and Ferret” What it is: So determined to hang onto the red and yellow ball that it’s lost all of its limbs, the “ball and ferret” is a parent’s best course of action to take when the inevitable “can I get a pet? The toy is frequently displayed next to the plastic cages full of Chinatown’s famous pet turtles, also known as your child’s first exposure to Salmonella. The Ever-Barking Puppy What it is: A thin, scratchy layer of “fur” is all that separates your child’s fragile body from the conspicuously heavy body of the ever-barking puppy.This is an example of the stylistic device of the opposition of the light and shadows.Though Chinatown is in color, the colors are primarily in hues of off- white, including tones of brown, gray and black.It is disorienting to us at the beginning because we are not really sure what we are seeing.He also heavily uses the stylistic device of characters whose actions are not motivated rationally. From 3D portable game consoles to fly-able helicopters and advanced toy robots that mystically and magically learn from their surroundings, the modern toy scene is a clinic on how technology continues to radically shape our children and our culture. The Perpetually Swimming Frog What it is: Probably the most well known of the “Chinatown 6,” the perpetually swimming frog is also perhaps the most delightful of all of the neighborhood’s novelties.Still, there remain places in this world, even in America, where the toy scene is still as humble, non-advanced and frightening as it has ever been. Let’s take a moment and meet the most famous of the New York novelties. One could spend hours standing in the 100 degree heat, marveling at the frog’s mechanically deafening attempts to escape the filthy plastic washbasin it’s imprisoned inside.These hubs were basically a place where Chinese culture could still be practiced and they did not have to feel like outsiders in a world they were not understood by, nor did they understand it.Today, Chinatown is a place enjoyed by all residents of cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, or other cities with large Chinese populations and Chinatowns of their own.


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