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The APA title page can be the most confusing to format.The running head requirement seems to confuse students who don't understand whether (or in what manner) to use the term "Running head" on the first page. Type "Running head" in 12 point font in Times New Roman and try to make it level with your page number, which also appears on the first page.

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Author’s/Student’s Name (full name) Professor’s/Instructor’s Name (full name) Course Name and Number Date of Submission (Note: in the MLA format cover page, the order of the date should be day/month/year (Leave a space after the date) Paper Title (It should be centered regular type not bolded) After the title, you should write the level one heading which should be bolded, flush left without indentation.

However, you should know that if a paragraph does not have a heading or subheading, it must have a 0.5 indentation if you are using the MLA style cover page.

The full title of your paper is placed about one third of the way down the title page. Turabian and Chicago style title pages feature the title of the paper in capital letters, centered, typed about one third of the way down the page.

Any subtitle would be typed on a second line (double spaced) after a colon.

See the Additional Resources section of this page for a list of helpful books and sites about using MLA Style.

Writers sometimes use section headings to improve a document’s readability.

There are several things that you must put in mind when creating the cover page.

You can find these requirements in the next section. The details that you should include are your name, the name of your instructor/professor, the course name and number, and the date of submission. That is, your name must precede the professor’s name.

Where Do You Place a Header for a Cover Page Formatted in MLA? The page numbers should start from the cover page and must be at the top right corner.

You should ensure that the cover page is double spaced. You should insert a header with the author’s surname which is flush right.


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