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Make sure you take full advantage of the special offers you can usually get with your various student cards.

Freshers’ week tends to be a whirl of bar crawls, theme nights and ‘bops’ or ‘ents’, but don’t feel under pressure to go to them all – everyone needs the odd night in to actually get some reading done!

If a student wants to start something new that doesn’t exist?

No problem—we provide her with the support she needs to make it happen.

Seminars are like a stepping-stone between lectures and tutorials – they typically involve around 30-50 students and are professor-led, but can also include some rich and diverse student involvement and debate.

Speaking up in a seminar can be good practice for your supervision sessions, where the spotlight will be much more on you.

We are told it is not unusual at all to feel a little queasy on your first dissection experience, and not at all frowned upon to take a break and get some fresh air, so don’t be embarrassed – that formaldehyde smell takes a little getting used to!

Supervisions or tutorials typically involve between one and five students with a single supervisor and are more like a classroom setting, though much more student involvement is typical than you will have been used to at school.

Some students report that every lecture was essential to their course (if you’re a medic, you can’t exactly skip over the day they talk about the knee), others that they were more optional and worth attending only when relevant to your current area of study.

Here are our top lecture tips: University food can be notoriously hit-and-miss, with some students giving rave reviews of their café or formal hall fare and others reporting inedible and unidentifiable gloop!


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