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It is very unfortunate that the word obese is made more common.At present, 30 percent of children and 25 percent of adults are considered as obese in the UK, which cost the National Health Survey around one billion pounds every year. India, would definitely be alarming as almost every person next door suffers from obesity issue.

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Also, according to American Obese Association, overweight people have the high risk of having carpal tunnel syndrome.

The association found out that 70% of the sufferers of that disease are overweight.

Because of technology which we say "makes our lives easier", we are now lacking physical exercises because we tend to get more time in front of televisions and computers.

Pregnancy could also be a cause of being overweight. Crash diets can also contribute to gain excessive weight.

Browse through our pages and read more to explore more! Today, I am going to address a very pertinent issue that people are suffering from in the contemporary times, i.e. First of all, I would like to know what categorizes a person as obese in your opinion. For instance, if one has a BMI ranging between 25-30 kg per meter square; then he/she is believed to be overweight.

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Secondly, in case one has a BMI of more than 30, then that person is considered obese.

There is a notion that people who are overweight are lazy but doctors say that being overweight can be cause by genetic factor.

The family poor eating habits may also one of the reasons. There are some people that have faster metabolism and some are not.

Overall, these are the things that can be the causes of being overweight.

I will now embark upon the consequences of being overweight.


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