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The diary entries of Felipe Buencamino III, a veteran of the Bataan campaign (see Bataan, 1942: Views of a Father and his Son), reflects the point of view of young Filipinos anxious for the return of the Allies and the expulsion of the Japanese. Before the anti-aircraft guns could be positioned, the enemies had dropped their loads and spun back to the skies beyond the reach of ground fire.

Here are extracts from relevant entries in the Philippine Diary Project, together with information from C. October 10, 1944: American aircraft struck Okinawa, Yaeyama, and Miyako Islands, Japan. There was not one red marked plane in sight the whole day.

At the extreme right, with his head turned toward Mac Arthur, is Brigadier General Carlos Romulo. American aircraft struck Taiwan and northern Luzon, Philippine Islands. Only the President’s family and some Japanese officials were invited to Malacañan. The Japanese have spread their ammunition dumps all over the city. 1 sounded, and within a few minutes, anti-aircraft shells were exploding above the clouds.

Photograph from the Army Signal Corps Collection in the U. During this period, Valdes, already Chief of Staff of the Philippine Army, became a member of the War Cabinet of President Quezon, accompanying him to Corregidor, and then to the Visayas, Mindanao, Australia and the United States. A card signed by ‘Rex Neptune’ was presented to me. Puppet Laurel declared: “The first-year of the Republic has been a success”. Eighteen out of sixty American planes were downed according to Japanese propaganda.

Peter Chen’s Philippines Campaign, Phase 1, the Leyte Campaign: – from which come the dates and summary of military movements, in. Madrigal had arrived in Hawaii and transferred to Kwajalein. Okinawan city of Naha was heavily damaged; many of the 548 deaths occurred in Naha, as many of the 698 wounded. It’s either that they were not given the chance to take off or they were discarded for good. Only the guns near the bombings were fired, unlike before when the air vibrated with activities and the city was draped in smoke.

Diary entries from the same day or thereabouts follows each date. October 5, 1944: In preparation for the invasion of the Philippine Islands… By October 7, 1944 they had arrived in Hollandia, where Gen. 11,451 buildings were destroyed, which included a great number of civilian residences Halsey struck Luzon, and moved on to bombard Taiwan from 12 Oct thru 15 Oct. On the whole, the thunder was still terrific, but there were fewer shelling victims.Philippine President Sergio Osmeña (center) and General Douglas Mac Arthur (right) on board a landing craft en route to the Leyte landing beaches, October 20, 1944. Valdes, Chief of Staff of the Philippine Army and Secretary of National Defense in the Osmeña War Cabinet. The Philippine Diary Project contains diary entries from a leading figure in the Leyte Landing: Major General Basilio J. His diary, as encoded, edited, and provided to researchers by the Valdes family, provides an invaluable, first-person account of the entire Pacific War, from the outbreak of hostilities in 1941 to the restoration of the Commonwealth Government in Manila in 1945. Imperial General Headquarters reported that, once again based on inflated reports from the field, that at least three American carriers, one destroyer, and three unidentified warships were sunk, with another carrier and another warship damaged. We crossed the equator at p.m., and I was made a member of the ‘Order of the Deep’. Today’s the first anniversary of the Philippine Republic, heh, heh. Taft Avenue is exclusively for Army cars and trucks. There’s a rumor that cars, dokars and bicycles will be commandeered. They’ve taken our food, our shelter and now –transportation. I wanted them to come to make these fellows eat their words. Bombs exploded so loudly from Nichols that they could be heard in Balintawak, as a giant umbrella rose from the airfield. In the front row with two stars on his battle helmet, is Major General Basilio J. About 240 Japanese aircraft were lost on this day both in the air and on the ground, including aircraft lost during another failed counter strike. The public had never attended such ceremonies, nor is it interested in the welfare of the Republic, which they consider to be moribund and liable to collapse anytime, either violently or by natural death. In front of Hicky’s and Gabaldon’s and the street leading to the house and beyond there are a lot of boxes under the trees. “No,” added another, “we sunk them all.” That’s why I’m disappointed. They sent a couple of carriers here to mislead the Japs, he opined. The Japanese fighter planes, emboldened by the editorial, were flying confidently overhead when the American bombers came without having learned about the sinking of their aircraft carrier. Due to existing conditions—Formosa is under air attack—the celebrations were limited to some ceremonies at Malacañan. First, he looked like a toy dangling on a white umbrella.Against the advice of General Tomoyuki Yamashita, the Imperial General Headquarters in Tokyo (IGHQ) sent in reinforcements to Leyte from Luzon and as far as China, determining to fight the decisive land battle against the American land forces at Leyte. sharp they went down the rope on the side of the ship. General Mac Arthur and President Osmeña spoke in a broadcast to the U. If anyone was spared by the metallic fragments, it was someting miraculous. They landed on the same place where Magellan set foot on firm land when he discovered these islands which he called St. The news of the landing in Leyte spread like wildfire.Landing troops almost whenever they wished, the US forces largely accomplished the goals set for the first day of landing. A roof of GI sheets and a wooden floor were as easily pierced as if they were made of paper. A Japanese plane coming from the stern flew very low strafing the cruiser. We took the news as probable, without reassuring ourselves of its certainty, but the exultant Filipinos believed it without a shadow of doubt. Osmeña were heard delivering messages over the radio.After having escaped from the Japanese and in the process fleeing his homeland, one can only image in the emotion felt by himself –and the other Filipinos in the landing party– when, on October 20, 1944, Gen. His account of the historic Leyte landing is terse: Entered Leyte Gulf at midnight. The battleships, cruisers, and destroyers opened fire on the beaches and finished the work begun two days before ‘A Day’ by other U. He accidentally came too low and hit the wireless and crashed on the forward deck near the bridge killing the Captain and mortally wounding the Commodore, who died six hours later. Tokyo had admitted it, although the local press still refuses to put its stamp of approval. Mac Arthur announced that he had complied with his promise to return and, God willing, he would proceed with the re-conquest of the Islands.This entire period is a topsy-turvy one, and most accounts are confusing because the wartime situation necessarily made record-keeping and the keeping of an official chronology difficult. I hope the weather is good when we reach our objective. By the time the Imperial General Headquarters released the battle report on 19 Oct, it noted that 11 carriers, 2 battleships, and 7 cruisers and destroyers American ships were sunk.This chart, prepared by the Presidential Library and Museum, shows in infographic form, the parallel governments that existed from 1942-1945: As for the Commonwealth government-in-exile, you will find Valdes mentioned from time to time in the diary of Francis Burton Harrison who served as an Adviser to the government-in-exile. Valdes seems to have been relatively uninvolved in the intense debate over the succession issue involving the Philippine presidency at this time. Furious but yet somewhat amused, William Halsey noted to Chester Nimitz that “[a]ll Third Fleet ships recently reported sunk by Radio Tokyo have been salvaged and are retiring at high speed toward the Japanese Fleet”, and Nimitz promptly made that message into a public relations piece.He established a private practice in medicine and served as the head of the Lourdes Hospital after the war. Tokyo radio arrived at fifty-three American ships sunk or damaged, twenty-thousand Americans killed, and one thousand planes shot down. They say: “The Americans shouldn’t have bombed at all if they were going to stop like this.The Philippine Diary Project has already focused on the early part of World War II in the Philippines, contrasting the eyewitness accounts of officials like Valdes and civilians: see December 24-25, 1941 In Diaries for example. Valdes; President Quezon; Secretary to the President and soon-to-be Mayor of Greater Manila Jorge B. The Manila news agency was more conservative, scattering flying leaflets in the streets and sending out a van through the city with streamers announcing the resounding victory. They are asking: Maybe there is some truth in the Japanese claims of 12 aircraft carriers sunk? It only gave the Japs a chance to spread their dumps into private houses. Only consoling note is the fact that Formosa is being bombed and rebombed.


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