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I am sure that many clever and cunning women were able to manipulate the men in their lives, letting the man believe that they were in full control of the relationship.

However the majority of women who were not able to assert themselves as forcefully as I am sure they wished.

She becomes a person, a human being with free will and civil liberties.

Nora’ ..Helmer’s selfishness into final contrast, by showing that they do not care significantly even about the death of their incredibly close friend. Rank serves a wide variety of roles in the text of “A Doll House,” though all of them are incredibly subtle.

Lee says: “Nora’s ‘humanity’ relies on a sense that she is the exclusive owner of herself, her body and her work” (623).

She becomes independent when she takes matters into her own hand and uses lies to save Torvald’s ego and life.

Gillian Brown calls this as the “domestic cult of true womanhood” (Lee 623).

Nora’s main goal is to create and maintain a “beautiful, happy home” (Ibsen Act 1).

Symbolisms, as well as Nora’s and Torvald’s characters, depict the theme of women’s position in society as dolls, which Nora reverses as she reclaims her humanity.

One of the strongest symbolisms in the play is the house, which represents the only private space where women actively work, but also remain duly suppressed as genuine actors of society. Nora seems to be playing the lead role, since girls play with dolls and she is seen as a mere girl by all men in her life.


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