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were accepted as an essential insurance against the dangerous fermentation of working-class discontents’.10 This shows there is a certain amount of agreement among some historians about the need to appease the working class, although there has been some disagreement on the effectiveness of the reforms introduced in fulfilling this aim, which can be exemplified in the claim by Feuchtwanger that there were many things more present in the minds of the working class than the reforms: ‘In 1875 the case of the Tichbourne claimant caused greater popular excitement than the social reform legislation’.

The fact that a false claimant to titles had attracted more public interest than the enormous amount of legislation being put through by the government shows the limited effectiveness of the reforms in fulfilling this aim.

He therefore knew that he could not make his reforms too radical, as the conservative supporters were traditionally not in favour of radical reform, and wanted to preserve the status quo.

The last of Disraeli’s main aims, that of creating a strong nation under his leadership, underpins not only all of his domestic policies, but also his foreign policies.

Benjamin Disraeli, whose name would be inextricably linked with the growth of the British Empire, was born in London on December 21, 1804, to Isaac and Maria D’Israeli.

Although England did not have the ugly record of anti-Semitism of other European countries, Isaac decided that assimilation into English society was the best path for his son.

This was a major aim for Disraeli, and can be exemplified in many of his social reforms, for example the Education Act (1876), in which he attempted to improve the condition of the country through increasing the quality of education available to the nation, and as a consequence improving literacy.

The first of Disraeli’s aims was that of appealing to the working classes.

As Blake has asserted, Disraeli was aware of the need to retain the support of the newly-enfranchised working classes by specifically tailoring some of his legislation to them.

Smith agrees with this point, and like Blake asserts Disraeli’s grasp of the popular view that ‘social measures…


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