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Epicurus's view on death Death has remained the subject of many discussions in the past and the present.

Many philosophers and historians have given their ideas about death.

Fearing death is senseless as once a person is touched by death, he or she ceases to exist.

Once the person dies or ceases to exist, all sensations cease as well and there is a complete absence of all sensations, fears and feelings.

Based on the view that has been stated, it can be argued that the view is highly rational.

Most of the people would definitely agree with the view but there is no doubt about the view being highly unrealistic.

From this, it has been argued by Epicurus that the death is not a sensation but is one kind of a lack.

Death is the lack of sensations and feelings, thus according to Epicurus, death is a certain kind of lack.

by Jesse Andrews, Rachel, a girl who lives a normal life, affects Greg who is engaged to help her live her last months through her battle with Leukemia.

Another character whom Rachel’s hospitalization affects is Earl, Greg’s close friend whom Greg engages to help brighten Rachel’s mood.


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