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For those of us who would rather stay inside during these slushy winter months, why not use your free ARC membership? There are plenty of ways to get some exercise at the ARC other than the weightlifting rooms.

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Physical health is probably the first thing we think of when we hear “health”.

Certainly, physical health is greatly important and must never be neglected.

Many resolutions revolve around health and this is for good reason.

As we all know, one’s health is the most important thing.

The process of pursuing a healthy body requires good discipline.

It’s easy to exercise for one day, but one must endeavor to keep exercising to stay in a physically healthy condition.Our psychological and emotional well-being is a main factor in our ability to cope with the normal stresses of life.At university this stress can be related to due dates, social anxiety, and thoughts about our future.A healthy body leads to a healthy mind and a healthy mind leads to academic success.Your health is the most important thing you have and it must not be neglected.Many people believe that “A healthy body makes a healthy mind”.I hesitate on the word “make” — Assuming a healthy mind means something like integrity, happiness and optimistic attitude, I believe that people who have a healthy body usually also have a healthy mind, but a healthy body is not necessarily for a healthy mind. We try to set attainable goals for ourselves which are usually aimed at general self-improvement.The ARC tends to be the busiest in January and the produce section at Grocery Checkout is constantly being depleted by hoards of students who have resolved to eat more leafy greens this semester.Long distance running is a well known way of having a healthy body.To prepare to run a full marathon, one has to repeat many moderate or long distance running practices.


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