Essay On My Life As A Student

Essay On My Life As A Student-8
The school life friends are like your old and sincere friends for the rest of your life. The high school life memories are the invaluable part. But thanks to my sincere friends and true teachers I was always rescued.That is how I learned from high school life the true meaning of cooperation and love. I still remember how ignorant I was during my school days.

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We get good learning experience, the self confidence, motivation and the will to do the best. That is why I always regard my primary school life memories as the treasure for my life.

It is the school life that blesses with best ever friends for the rest of our life. I have the best friends today and the learning experience that I got from my high school.

Like any other child, I was growing extremely curious.

I always stated many questions to the adults as I wanted to have the explanation for anything that bothered me. The list of my questions never ended, and I am not sure it is closed now.

Now I can imagine how hard it was for the elders to hear all my “Why’s.” My head was full of questions and misunderstanding, and I hardly tried to clear everything up. I still have always something I want to find the answer to.

Beginning with the simple ones and ending with the more complicated I constantly stated: “How the birds can fly? I am sure that I was not the only child with such specific curiosity.

Thank God I live in the democratic country and have the right to think.

I can distinguish myself what the most important thing is and how I can reach them.

During high school life period, one becomes matured enough to understand the value of time. I learned dedication, hard work, motivation and self actualization. Thanks to that hard work done, today I am happy with my career. I remember how happy were my parent when I obtain first position in my entire school. The first day a child remembers because he came there weeping.

My high school life is a wonderful chapter in my entire memories. I believe, what you learn during high school life or college life, it truly impacts the rest of your life. And the last day a student remember because he left the school weeping again.


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