Essay On One Day Of Rainy Season

The rainy season is my favorite season because it comes right after the hot summer.I hate too much hot, and rainy season comes with rain and so much pleasure.Supply of food could face a problem if there is not enough rainwater. Summer season becomes really boring and hard to survive.

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We don’t go to school if there are heavy rains outside.

Most of the time we go to the roof to enjoy the rain.

Most of the time this season starts in July and remain the next three months. This is a very lucky season and most of the people love this season a lot.

In the Hindi month of Asadha and Shawan, rainy season gets started in India. There are so much rainwater and fresh air in this season.

Along with lots of good sides, there are few bad sides of the rainy season.

Essay On One Day Of Rainy Season Helping A Friend In Need Essay

If the season comes late, that could be really hard for farming.And if there is too much rain that leads the situation into a flood.Flood is a natural disaster and could make life really hard.Every natural place as like rivers, canals, ponds become full of water and farmers use these water to grow their crop.Rainwater is highly important for growing crops in the field.That’s why the environment becomes very clear and enjoyable. Personally, I love a rainy time a lot and get wet in the rain.The whole natural environment including trees, flowers, and other plant become so much green and full of life. Most of the trees get new leaves and look very attractive.In that time, the rainy reason comes with so much pleasure and blessings.It makes the whole environment cool and looks beautiful.The roads become really dirty and full of mud, because of heavy rain.People can’t come outside and they can’t go to work.


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