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In the first phase, Jinnah worked for the national freedom through Hindu-Muslim unity, with the belief that the two major communities would share the power after freedom.It was he who convinced the Quaid to do his best for the Muslims.Jinnah, however, with his own political genius and his expert views on politics, partition issues, on economics, industry, and on the manifold problems of state carried the torch of wisdom to the culmination of this great vision.Since he did not write a book, the main sources of his thinking are his speeches and statements.By keeping them in mind we may be able to grasp his vision for the state he had created.All through the struggle, the Quaid manifested a great and firm belief in the democratic principles.A democratic journey started with the resolution of Sindh Assembly7 demanding the separation of Muslims areas from Hindu majority areas.He himself was Pakistan and he put his heart and brain into the ideology.6 He had a complete programme for his nation and visualized the basic issues and expressed his thoughts which are discussed here under: What was Jinnah’s vision of Pakistan?Would Pakistan be a modern democracy or a closed theocracy? These are some of the questions which have been asked more often than not.He further adds: “the qualities, characteristics and skills required in a leader are determined to a large extent by the demands of the situation in which he is to function as a leader.”2 Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah excels the criterion of a national hero and leader by dint of his intellectual capacity, a deep understanding of the political situation in the then British India and his excellent leadership qualities, which enabled him to lead a movement that transformed the Muslim Community of South Asia into a Pakistani nation.He was truly a leader of stature who left a strong imprint on the course of history.


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