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Rather it is the effervescent of bountiful source of revelation, which was sent down to The Prophet S. by the trustee of Gabriel, and is a code for any guidance and prosperity seeking man. Relation of the Creator and creature is accompanied with religious responsibilities and duties.Quran is a divine trust and a speaking logic for the safe intellects and talented souls as well as firm axis of Islam. Quran obliges all people to observe their belief duties.They are not changed in different conditions, and men cannot accept a part of it and leave the rest.

A., and remained in their own religion, but accepted conditions of living in an Islamic society, and Islamic government is responsible for preserving and protecting their property, interests and other rights.1.

Some verses are addressed to the obstinate Christians and Jews, who heard the voice of knowledge and awareness, fact seeking, and saving from polytheism, but did not accept it.

Those Jews who call Ezra as son of God, and those Christians who call Jesus as son of God, and consequently this exaggerating imagination has caused their deviation.

In fact, Christ is son of Mary and in 16 cases is mentioned in Quran that he passed normally his childhood, and possessed all humanitic characteristics. Jesus is the messenger of God, and his mission has no relation with his divinity.

He has also spotlighted Bing Bang, the Judgement Day (Qiamah) and Gravity, ship building, broadcasting, the atomic reactor of hell, the steps of creation of Human, Glass technology, the mummy of Pharaoh, water and shipping, the sun movement, water and life, the oxygen system of plants, modern weapons, the water budget of earth and many other similar topics in the light of Quran.

Do not miss to download this free Urdu book or read it online for free.He makes the night overlap the day, and the day overlap the night. He has subjected the sun and the moon to His law; each one follows a course for a time appointed..." (39:5). Then we placed him as a drop of sperm in a place of rest, firmly fixed. Islam does not analyze Allah, and this is the same for man.While ordering divine lordship, it instructs to the singleness of man’s servitude.In such a way, he will discover the puzzle of his existence, and will reach to the tower of nature sufficiency.Holy Quran, this noble divine book, has recommended defending of all limits and human rights, and complete obedience to God’s decrees is the condition of guaranteeing this observance.Nowadays, no law can claim that it has been able or is able to fulfil requirements of humanity or present comprehensive and impeccable instructions for the safe life of mane.Which regulations and law have succeeded to guide the man eager for justice, equality, benevolence, kindness and tranquillity to the real life?It is addressed to the man, into whom God’s spirit is breathed.His body is related to earth, but his soul is related to God.


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