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Telling compelling stories adds another dimension to our writing.

This fascinating Infographic shows how the human brain is hardwired to respond to storytelling differently than other forms of writing.

and NPR and her struggle to pen a memoir about her mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. I lost my own grandmother to Alzheimer’s, and Marion’s words drew me in and resonated with me.

Afterward, even though I previously didn’t have any intention of writing a memoir, I hurried to the book table to meet Marion and buy a copy of on the flight home, and since then I’ve kept coming back to it for tips on how to improve my writing.

While flipping casually through Time magazine, she noticed how I took a keen interest in the blur of black and white shapes on the page.

Soon, I was following her wrinkled finger from one word to the next, sounding them out, until those words came into focus, and I could read. What are your strongest memories of reading and writing?Teachers can be most effective in helping students to become better readers, writers, and thinkers when they weave integrated reading and writing activities into their literacy instruction.I first learned to read at the age of three while sitting on my grandmother’s lap in her high-rise apartment on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, IL.Both reading and writing are constructive processes (Pearson and Tierney 1984).A similar, if not the same, level of intellectual activity underlies both reading and writing: interactions between the reader/writer and text lead to new knowledge and interpretations of text (Langer 1986; Martin 1987).Writing it down can help us explore and reconcile these feelings in order to strengthen our relationship with reading and writing.Writing literacy narratives can also help us learn about ourselves as consumers and producers of words, revealing the intricacies of knowledge, culture, and power bound up in language and literacies.These stories, otherwise known as “literacy narratives,” allow writers to talk through and discover their relationships with reading, writing, and speaking in all its forms.Narrowing in on specific moments reveals the significance of literacy’s impact on our lives, conjuring up buried emotions tied to the power of language, communication, and expression. And in each of these worlds, our literacy in these specific languages allows us to navigate, participate and contribute to the depth of knowledge generated within them.Just as thoughtful readers read for a specific purpose by activating prior knowledge about the topic at hand, writers activate prior knowledge that relates to the topic and have a purpose for writing--to impart meaning to a reader.While reading, readers reread and modify meaning accordingly.


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