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Hopefully, those seeing the film first will be encouraged to read the book, because it’s certainly an excellent reading experience; powerful and heartbreaking. ISBN 0-375-93100-7 You are very welcome to quote up to 100 words from any article posted on Vulpes Libris - as long as you quote accurately, give us due credit and link back to the original post.If you would like to quote MORE than 100 words, please ask us first via the email address in the Contact details.While not exactly light reading, the young adult story has proved its near universal appeal, spending over 230 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List, causing some booksellers to reconsider the “young” label, re-shelving it under “fiction.” As an obsessive reader of YA novels and a firm believer in the idea that story always trumps genre, I find the entire debate over ‘s status rather pointless.

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Hans slowly teaches her and in doing so, they form a wonderful bond.

A schoolmate, Rudy, takes Liesel under his wing and the adventures they have together, some of them harrowing, build a strong, and often teasing, friendship.

As Lisle gradually fits into her new life, a young Jewish man unexpectedly shows up at the Hubermann’s door one night and to fulfill a promise, is hidden in the basement.

How the rest of the story plays out is one of tragedy and love, described in prose that is unexpectedly beautiful and full of tenderness and twists.

He is related more to the boatman who ferries souls across the River Styx than the Grim Reaper.

And he has a strong sense of color, which infuses the book, and not just the color of buildings or clothes, but of the atmosphere and mood.Liesel is a character hailed by critics as "gutsy," "plucky and smart," "memorably strong," and "dauntless," and she is surrounded by equally likable and dynamic characters.The strength of the appealing story carries readers through any hiccups in the format.Death, as the narrator, carries the very difficult task of relating the story as he goes about the grave work of being the Grim Reaper.Reviewers vary in their opinion of Death's narration style.I’ve now read the book twice, but I haven’t seen the film and am not sure I want to.I watched the trailer online after finishing the book the second time and some of the casting seems too different from how I imagined the characters.The wife, Rosa, is all loud bluster, but the husband, Hans, is a soft spoken house painter who plays the accordion.Liesel has difficulty settling in at school, partly because she doesn’t really know how to read.(2006), his foray into what was marketed as a young adult novel earned him great success in sales (it remained on American best-seller lists for weeks) but mixed reviews from critics.The novel's dark subject matter and intimidating length (550 pages) ask a lot of young readers, but teenagers and adults alike have read and loved its endearing tale of a young girl trying to survive in a very adult world of war and chaos.


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