Essay On The Future Of Our Nation

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Thinking of future generations is a relatively new concept - even past philosophers did not concern themselves with the concept of the future until fairly recently....

[tags: World population, Human, Population growth] - “It is wrong always, everywhere, and for everyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence.” (Clifford 1877: 346) The notion of possible preventative actions from man-made catastrophes drives people to believe that we need to take obligations in creating a better life for future generations.

If you are a student of mine, I tell you that your job here is ultimately to leave a positive mark - and I never let my students forget that.

Attributes of Great Leaders So what kinds of attributes does one need to leave a positive mark on this world?

In my work as a teacher, ultimately, I charge my students with the following: I tell them that they are the future leaders of this world.

And it is up to them to leave this world a better place because of their having been in it.As someone who focuses on practical solutions to problems, I’m not very interested in looking back - rather, I’m interested in how we, as a nation, are going to get back on track. I’m interested in how we are going to come together as a people successfully in the future. Educators in the United States comprise a foundational resource for the future of our nation.If you are an educator, I say that you should always keep in mind how influential your work is in shaping the future of this world.FP_gtag Banner Slots = ;/* Define a size mapping object.The first parameter to add Size is a viewport size, while the second is a list of allowed ad sizes.Societies knew early on that to survive knowledge and experiences must be passed on to future generations.By passing on this knowledge people could take what others learned then build upon it.What are the attributes of a great citizen and a great leader?If you want to be a great leader, then what qualities do you need to develop?Wood, 1st Period 5 December 2014 The Foundation for our Future Generations Today more than ever one can hear people boast about the importance of developing the future generations adequately.Parents typically have the child’s best interest at heart, however humans are made imperfect and mistakes towards child development are inevitable.


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