Essay On The Great Gatsby

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What seems like a simple romantic story is actually a very complex creation.

The trio of Gatsby, Nick Carraway, and the lovely Daisy, are used by Fitzgerald to weave this wonderfully complex tale.

Fitzgerald uses Nick as a good example of a middle class compared with Gatsby.

Nick also known as the narrator has a house that is considered an “eye sore” which means that Nick’s house needs more improvement.

Published in 1925, this tale will be one read for a long time.

Having already been made into several movies, the first one was published a year after the book.

They had met while Jay was still in the military during WWI, and she had gone out with him, and seen Jay’s affection for her.

Now married to Tom Buccannan, and learned of Jay Gatsby coming into New York.

East egg is where The Buchanan (Daisy and Tom) live.

Daisy and Tom are both selfish and bombastic who are in the upper class.


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