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With regard to the detail, I am not prepared to over-edit text.

I have also taught essay writing at the university level.

Text based formats (txt, tex) are easier to deal with than fully prepared publication documents (pdf, doc, docx, odt) with tables and figures, but technically all can be accepted for proofreading. in Administration, Planning and Social Policy, Harvard University. Other Requirements: Do not use punctuation cut and pasted from a Chinese font. Your editor is not responsible for your meeting your publisher's guidelines.

I would send back a text based doc document with the changes recorded. Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Organizational Behavior, Harvard University. You should know the required punctuation for references and citations.

I check questionable terminology; however, you should know the terminology for your field of study.

If you’re a student based in Canada or Asia, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of online essay writing services.I will also change the text of the paper for inappropriate or confused words and sentences, especially mistakes common to an EFL writer. I taught Technical Writing courses at the FLC of NCKU. I wrote a book on essay writing, and I wrote a manual on strategies for taking the TOEFL exam.Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Information Science, Material Science, Bio/medical technology, Earth Science, Education, Statistics, and Industrial & Transportation Management. Now I am teaching math related courses to international students at the Technical University of Budapest. Proofreading Approach: I correct for word choice, word order, grammatical correctness and continuity, academic consistency, and correct terminology. I accept rush papers for a fee, and I turn around papers early whenever possible.Therefore, I am confident in my ability to provide you with professional and knowledgeable proofreading and editing. Hons in English and American Literature, Brandeis University Proofreading Fields/Specialties: I proofread papers from numerous fields: Electrical, Chemical, and Mechanical Engineering, Material Science, Engineering Science, IIM, IT, Business & Management, Computer Science, Medical, Biotech, Creative Design, Humanities, and others.While proofing your paper, I will check for spelling, punctuation, and obvious grammatical errors. Proofreading Approach: At a basic level I look for grammatical and spelling errors, but I also make sure the content can be understood, and that it is readable.I will also make suggestions for contextual changes. If some things are unclear then I may ask the author to explain them again, and we will work together to improve the writing.While editing, I will go beyond basic proofreading corrections. Proofreading/Teaching Experiences: I have taught English as a second language both in Asia and America since 2003 at every level.Flood damage in Colorado Springs occurs more often then people can imagine.The biggest difference in flood damage and water damage from a burst pipe is insurance coverage.At Ameri Dri we might get 5 or 6 flood damage calls per week if we have heavy rains, but last year in May of 2015 we were receiving an average of 108 calls per day throughout the month of May and into the month of June.99% of these calls resulted into basement flooding.


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