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Essay Themes For 1984-14
We're sorry, this computer has been flagged for suspicious activity.If you are a member, we ask that you confirm your identity by entering in your email.Every ting in Oceania is controlled to maintain the dedication to the inner party and the big brother.

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All the jobs are made to create the will of the inner party and the big brother without the inclusion of the friendliness of normal society.

This can be seen from the instances in which Winston moves around town with several screens and cameras pointed at him.

The importance of a society which does work without any happiness or communication with other workers shows just how well the inner party eliminated friendship.

Therefore, friendship in Oceania was virtually nonexistent as everyone was concentrating on their jobs and their association with the big brother.

Similarly, this study will examine the way that the government ensured that these two subjects were controlled.

Finally, this study will give examples of how the ruling party ensured the elimination of love for the benefit of the government through giving examples.These images show how well the government of Oceania had eliminated friendship as every individual considered the other to be a spy.The inner party, as an agent of the big brother, therefore controlled friendship in Oceania completely.The essay does not quote or reference other scholars' works.I am an English literature graduate and qualified English teacher in the UK.This meant that the people could only concentrate on loving and dedicating themselves to the big brother alone.This paper will analyze the themes of love and friendship in the book 1984.Through such actions as the time when Obrien betrays the two lovers to the inner party, the reader can realize that Oceania is full of traitors and liars and lacks true friends who can tell the truth.Similarly, when Winston betrays Julia by shouting that Obrien should hurt Julia and not him, the level to which the governance controls friendship becomes evident.Essay Title: How does Orwell present the reader with the theme of isolation in Nineteen Eighty-Four?PDF Document Word Count: 2639 The essay is divided into sections with the following sub-headings: 1] Introduction 2] Social Isolation of Individuals 3] Social Isolation of Groups 4] Social Isolation through Compartmentalization (Isolation Between Genders) 5] Psychological Isolation 6] Isolation of Memories 7] Isolation of History and Ideas 8] Conclusion If required, the sub-headings could be omitted.


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