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One power that is unique to the House of Representatives is the power of impeachment.

One power that is unique to the House of Representatives is the power of impeachment.

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“In most modern democracies, the government’s only powers are those granted to it by a written constitution or by the legislature.

A distinguishing feature of the British constitution is the extent to which government continues to exercise a number of powers which were not granted to it by a written constitution, nor by Parliament, but are, rather, ancient prerogatives of the Crown.

The Senate has the sole power to try all impeachments, the House indicts an officer and the Senate conducts the trial.

The framers split the duties because The Senate members serve longer terms and will not be persuaded by the people or worry much about backlash from the people.

(b) Explain two ways the United States Constitution limited majority rule.

(c) Choose two of the following twentieth-century developments and explain how each moved the United States from a less democratic system to a more democratic system.

The framers of the Constitution created a political system based on limited government.

The original Constitution and the Bill of Rights were intended to restrict the powers of the national government.

one power unique to the United States Senate and explain why the framers gave the Senate that power.

A bicameral legislature is a lawmaking body that is made up of two parts.


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