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Braving these adventures instilled in me a sense of invincibility that pushed me to tackle new experiences, even engaging in mischievous absurdities, both in this world and reality.

Draping myself in jewelry constructed out of straws and cup sleeves, I would unabashedly strut all around the café.

Although I use my talent throughout my day, it usually blends in with the normal functions of anyone else’s hands.

In this sense, ambidexterity isn’t some glaring anomaly: It’s only when you realize it’s there does it become special.

In my job as a Little League umpire, I have three distinct identities.

To the league manager, I’m the responsible, quick-replying emailer and the primary person for the job.When I was little, I thought of my ambidexterity as a fun trick.I always liked to play with people when learning a new skill: “Okay, now are you right or left handed?The rest don’t realize I “do more than just school” but are pleasantly surprised to see me dancing around as Risky Business Tom Cruise for Halloween or just hanging out all over town on weekends.I like to think that ambidexterity helps me juggle these different parts of myself without letting anything go.So now, when I run into the inevitable questions in college applications about who I really am, I can answer clearly: I am ambidextrous. The pungent fragrance of roasted coffee beans and the shrill sound of steam whistles from the espresso machines force my senses into overload.Before me are mounds of freshly-baked goodies and colossal stacks of books piled on bookshelves as high as the ceiling.My ability to transition quickly has helped me establish myself as a go-to helper in nearly every subject, but these behind-the-scenes interactions happen away from my teachers’ eyes.Even teachers, however, see the respect other students have for me during class discussions.From athlete to academic, from reliable employee to kind-hearted helper, I take on an array of roles in my life.Just as my two hands merge to create a more efficient system, my personal flexibility allows me to handle the many aspects of my life from different angles.


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