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And I also hope that you will choose to make some of that trouble on behalf of women.”“Don’t underestimate how much antagonism there is toward women and how many people wish we could turn the clock back.”“Many of my classmates did exactly what they were supposed to when they graduated from Wellesley, and some of them, by the way, lived happily ever after. I discovered it after attending a ‘Kill Your Darlings” party in Bushwick — an open mic in which writers read aloud their favorites lines or passages they had to kill for the greater good of their story.

William Faulkner coined the phrase when he said, […]At a young age, both her parents as well as her only sibling died through tragic causes related to alcohol, seizures and infections.

While others stormed the barricades, we two would be over in the corner nursing Diet Cokes and taking notes. As a tabloid reporter for Ephron said she typically had only forty-five minutes to an hour with her subjects and she found she had to work harder to get the whole story. “I was better off with my forty-five minutes,” she wrote. I learned to go through the clips, find the names of people from the subject’s past, hunt them up . Child’s orange Bavarian creme recipe doesn’t work and that Craig Claiborne was a bartender on Long Island before conquering the food section and launching a one man campaign against everyone involved with the books being celebrated.

It was like Nora and I were tablemates at the dinner and she was whispering gossip into my ear over the salad course and it was delicious.

Not the actors she directed, the crew she ordered about, not even her closest friends.

But why after being so forthcoming about everything else in her life did she choose put her biggest catastrophe on lockdown?

Packed with a thousand tiny details resulting from hours of research Ephron shares what she has discovered the competitive, gossipy world of celebrity chefs is really like.

Ephron has a gift for what’s now known as celebrity journalism.

She had the kind of personal style some writers attend pricey retreats and workshops to acquire.

She didn’t just interview her subjects–she brought you into their various worlds and gave you room to explore every corner to your heart’s content.


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