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Getting to know you, helping you understand how you are unique and can stand out is what we love to do and will do for you.

If my travels through this gilded realm taught me anything, it is that the case has little to do with privilege, a concept that should not be confounded with inequality.

For more and more we are coming to understand that personality and intelligence are heritable phenomena.

Does it not redound to the betterment of society to raise children who are what an admissions committee would call well-rounded, with all of the advanced placement courses and extracurricular activities which that entails?

And how might privilege be eliminated, or moderated, in order to promote more-egalitarian outcomes?

Perhaps the most definitive study of equality of opportunity in education, the 1966 Coleman Report demonstrated that the home environment is the primary determinant of educational outcomes.

And yet, the domestic sphere is also the realm of life that is least amenable to the manipulations of enlightened administrators.Last year’s Common Application essays had a word limit of 650 words. Before getting started, read some college essay examples.Colleges will learn about you from your transcript and standardized test scores but those are just numbers. You want to be original and tell your story however, it helps to understand what makes a good essay.Colleges are assembling a residential community and they want to decide who is coming to campus. holds a certificate in College Admissions Counseling from UCLA and is a graduate of Tufts University, for which she was an applicant interviewer for 15 years.Beth has helped hundreds of students navigate the application or transfer process and get into top colleges and graduate schools..The defendants’ actions were unpardonable, of course, but the greater scandal is that the progeny of the privileged continue to take up more than their share of space in our nation’s most prestigious universities.The fraud and the graft, the faking of racial identities and of learning disabilities, the doctored CVs and ghostwritten admissions essays, the bribed proctors and dummy nonprofits and bogus athletic recruitments—these are but the logical endpoint of a system that has come to be marked by a Gini coefficient impossibly skewed, in which brand-name degrees are divided among the children of oligarchs like peerages.The problem with charges of privilege is that they presume guilt while ignoring the crucial circumstances by which human differences emerge; they also ignore the value of those differences.Certainly, it is not easy to graduate from medical school, and to devote one’s life to the treatment of cancer patients is to achieve a significant social good.Any critique of privilege, then, must address itself to the ends of life, and to the purpose of work and enterprise.Would people work half so hard if they could not expect to provide a better life for their children?


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