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Even though Beowulf is killed by the dragon in the end, his heroic death fulfills with courage and glory. “The Conflicting Demands of Heroic Strength and Kingly Wisdom. He is selfless, even sacrifice himself in order to save his people’s lives; he is loyal to his kingdom all his life (Niles 89).

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Suddenly Beowulf spots a magical, giant sword and uses it to cut through the monster’s spine at the neck, killing her.

A brilliant light illuminates the cavern, disclosing Grendel’s corpse.

Even though Beowulf is old and his strength becomes weak, he still insists on fighting the dragon alone.

However, his trusted sword, Naegling, is no use for fighting the monster.

Evil” in Beowulf Beowulf is longest and greatest early Anglo-Saxon poem which was composed in England sometime in the eighth century AD by a literate scop.

This poem was created in the oral poetic tradition. Beowulf’s victory over Grendel’s mother is another example of good prevailing evil. Nitzsche’s critical essay, The Structural Unity of Beowulf: The Problem of Grendel’s Mother, states, “Later that night, Grendel’s mother intent on avenging the loss of her son in the present attacks Heorot, her masculine aggression contrasting with the feminine passivity of both Hildeburh and Wealhtheow”(287-303). Grendel’s mother is the “monstrous woman” (Chance 108). She performs the role of avenger for the revenge of loss of her son in the battle. After dying, Beowulf becomes the epic hero, whose body is buried with highly glory and treasures in his funeral on the top of the barrow. In Colin Campbell’s This Old Dragon Still Breathes Fire, he mentions the following: The fallen hero- king is placed upon a pyre and given over the flames amid the lamentations of his people. His triumph of glory exposes the major theme of the epic. Evil” because the warrior Beowulf battles against God’ enemies in order to save God’s people. The first monster Grendel, “a walker of darkness, he who bides in darkness and the black nights; he is the greatest of the night’s evil” (Halverson 100). Grendel is descended from Cain who has been banished by God far from humankind settles the wilderness after his crime of murdering his brother (Magennis 123). Seeing his king in trouble, Wiglaf, a young warrior goes to assist Beowulf. They finally kill the dragon, but Beowulf is also mortally wounded in the battle. Beowulf is “an agent of God” (Huppe 85), “a warrior brave and gentle, blameless in thought and deed” (Niles 89). Beowulf remains loyal to God and his people as a model of heroic conduct (Magennis 120). His battle against the evil dragon is not merely for his glory and praise but rather for the people of his country. He has the courage that he is willing to sacrifice himself in order to save his people’s lives.


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