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All of these words can be summarised into one satire.They take no pleasure in sex, nor do they ever overflow with either joy or melancholy. Gulliver's Travels was the work of a writer who had been using satire as his medium for over a quarter of a century.His life was one of continual disappointment, and satire was his complaint and his defense — against his enemies and against humankind.In the academy the workers have hardly any time to eat, drink or even have emotions.The people in the academy have one purpose and that purpose is scientific enquiry.The Travels that proper Victorians bought for the family library was Bowdler's version, not Swift's.What irony that Bowdler would have laundered the Travels in order to get a version that he believed to be best for public consumption because, originally, the book was bought so avidly by the public that booksellers were raising the price of the volume, sure of making a few extra shillings on this bestseller.He uses war and fighting this time mentioning things like Europe has 'sunk down ships, with a thousand men in each.' The words that swift uses make the reader think about the wars that have previously happened and how our people have massacred thousands of people.Gulliver told the King many stories and the king summarised Europe by saying that we are 'the most pernicious race of little odious vermin that nature ever suffered to crawl upon the surface of the earth.' Gulliver now goes on to visit the island of Laputa.And not only did the educated buy and read the book — so also did the largely uneducated.However, lest one think that Swift's satire is merely the weapon of exaggeration, it is important to note that exaggeration is only one facet of his satiric method.


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