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With “more of a personal rather than institutionalized relationship with God,” he settled upon his new belief system in the 1990s.It was an embrace of “the hugging saint” Amma — the world famous Hindu guru known for her cuddly disposition — that directed his spiritual search back to the Hare Krishna.Some of the seeking youngsters were captivated by this message and by Prabhupada’s solemn yet often joyous presence, and also prominent (counter-)cultural figures started exploring the opportunity of a more permanent state of bliss through the Hare Krishna process.

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Arjuna was so eager to fight and experience a war that he forgot that his family members were part of the warriors that would fight it.

Ginsberg lent them his harmonium — an instrument still widely used for Hare Krishna chanting — and praised the completed record in the , saying that it brought “a state of ecstasy.” With that same shrill harmonium, Ginsberg further exposed the public to the Krishna movement in September of 1968, by singing the 16-word mantra to a visibly uncomfortable William F.

Buckley, the famous conservative journalist who hosted a talk show called album had sold out, and somehow one of the copies found its way to the other side of the Atlantic, where it enchanted Beatles guitarist George Harrison.

He registered the organization under that name, and it grew to be synonymous for the worldwide movement.

, invited Srila Prabhupada and 15 of his followers to record a session in his Midtown studio.


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