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Just as in the above case, cars colliding in the middle of the road are very much liable to be damaged.This means an expense to the drivers and the drivers insurance.

The most common traffic violation is perhaps running the red light.

This is when the light at the signal is red and the driver decides to ignore the light and to cross the intersection.

Non-moving violations may be paid at the Clerk’s office prior to the Court date in lieu of appearance.

During Traffic Court arraignments, you will appear before the Judge or Magistrate and enter either an admission or denial to the charge.

Did you know that most car related deaths occur within twenty miles of your house and at speeds slower than 40 miles per hour?

Most of these deaths occur at intersection, where one or more drivers decide to disobey a traffic rule. Many accidents happen because drivers and other people on the road do not obey the law.

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All essays may be sent to the Court by: Mail: Fairfield County Juvenile Court 224 East Main Street, Suite 308Lancaster, OH 43130 FAX: 740-687-0942Email: [email protected] you have additional questions, contact: Traffic Clerk, 740-652-7468.

Below is an explanation of penalties on second and third moving violations which are required by law: SECOND OFFENSE: A mandatory 90 day license suspension or attend an Advanced Juvenile Driver Improvement Program THIRD OFFENSE: A mandatory 1 year license suspension.• Your driver’s license will be taken immediately and destroyed.• Driving privileges may be granted at the discretion of the Court.

If a substantial hardship is shown, the Court may grant specific driving privileges during the time of the suspension for school and/or work.• If driving privileges are granted and all fines and costs are paid, a right-to-drive will be issued by the Court.


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