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You can also contact an industry representative body or other Commonwealth statutory service bodies, such as Plant Health Australia or Animal Health Australia for biosecurity related activities.

The project will mobilize lending funds through the Africa Region Vice Presidency the Business Development Fund, the Association of Microfinance Institutions, and the banks.

Beneficiaries Jean Baptiste Nizeyimana dug holes in gardens for $1.58 per day, often unable to meet his family’s needs, and sometimes going without food.

This structural change and uneven pattern of growth of agriculture, industry and services sector in the post reforms period is likely to appear substantial changes in the production and demand linkages among various sectors, and in turn, could have significant implication for the growth and development process of the economy.

This has triggered a renewed interest in studying the inter-relationship between agriculture and industry.

Moving Forward The project is now seeking to hire dedicated staff for community development and procure support organizations to focus on community mobilization, group development, gender integration, and link with savings mobilization and credit.

The project is also arranging South-to-South technical assistance to train staff and undertake training of trainers.

The project set out to increase the commercialization and productivity of hillside agriculture targeted for development through increased agricultural productivity of selected crops in targeted areas, increased productivity of targeted areas, and increased share in commercialized products from the targeted areas.

The program aimed to improve land husbandry and productivity in seven pilot watersheds covering 10,250 ha of land, of which 1,868 ha would be irrigated.

Bank Group Contribution As of June 2012, IDA had contributed ,901,461 to the project, with an additional ,098,539 left to spend.

Partners The Global Agriculture and Food Security Program (GAFSP), the U. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) served as partners in this project.


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