Essays On The Tipping Point By Malcolm Gladwell

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" He has entrenched himself as one of the most recognizable authors in recent memory.His popularity and perceived know-how have allowed him to command ,000 in speaking fees per appearance, most notably at Certainly, I have read many of his books at the recommendation of many peers.

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The kind of book from which you'll be regaling your friends with intriguing snippets for weeks to come * Scotland on Sunday *A wonderfully offbeat study of that little-understood phenomenon, the social epidemic * Daily Telegraph * Malcolm Gladwell is a Canadian journalist and author, best known for his books on social science, such as The Tipping Point, Blink and Outliers. Visit the Malcolm Gladwell author page Although this was a bestseller of the 1990’s, it is not difficult to recognize its contemporary relevance.

More I plan to read more of Gladwell's work as this one was encouraging.

When I tell other students here that I plan to study behavioral economics, one of the first things they say to me is, "Have you heard of Malcolm Gladwell?

" And usually I respond, "How could I not have heard of him?

In reality, he picks convenient anecdotes that fit his version of the story, and we are therefore left with nothing but coincidental events that are dressed up as social forces.

Little of Gladwell's work has any scientific value for anyone looking to come up with educated hypotheses about the future, which is a defining trait of real science.However, he does cite scientific studies and mentions various scientists' contributions, so he dresses his arguments academia's clothes.You would be hard-pressed to find a Gladwell book that is not too far from other real academics' work in a bookstore, such as Dan Ariely or Steven Pinker (one cannot mention Gladwell without mentioning Pinker as well.He was the first one to But Gladwell has a different agenda in his writings.He adores addressingapparent paradoxes, and gives the reader a sense of an intellectual rebellion when he presents his ideas.I felt he was telling me some things I already knew but backing them up with facts and evidence, so it is better digested. More Like Freakonomics this was an interesting read.I felt there was a difference in that this book looked at something that could be proved and was very much self contained, Freakonomics looked at the bigger picture and...In an interview with The Telegraph, Gladwell said, "The mistake is to think these books are ends in themselves.My books are gateway drugs—they lead you to the hard stuff." Gladwell himself is discrediting his own work, essentially saying you also need a Psych 101 textbook at your side to make sure everything jives with actual fact.Many of which his books are based on these contradictions, like how the small guy might actually have the advantage (David and Goliath).He empowers his readers, who think they have just struck an intellectual goldmine of useful and applicable facts.


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