Ethics In Medicine Essay

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This may include life-saving surgery, medication use, or other interventions that will directly prevent serious harm to the patient.The topics, cases, and resources covered here are intended to be used as a resource by the UWSOM community and to supplement or support other teaching and learning throughout the curriculum.It is not designed to answer patient-specfic clinical, professional, legal, or ethical questions. If you'd like to help make regular improvements and updates a reality, please consider making a gift to the department.In practice, nurses should determine the capacity of the patient, examine their reasons for refusal, and determine the extent to which ethical care can be delivered.Capacity should be assessed, and it should be determined whether or not the patient is able to make this decision based on this assessment.For example, parents may refuse certain treatments or object to a prescribed treatment course.The parents may feel that alternative options are better or that further treatment or interventions may be too painful or distressing for the child.This may be against the wishes of medical and nursing staff, but the patient has a right to make this decision provided they are aware of the risks and have the freedom to make a decision.Unless the patient is at serious risk of harm, nurses should respect their wishes.However, you should ensure that the risks are clear.Patients may refuse to receive treatment that will save their life.


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