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The second advantage automobile has it has a great impact on American society the automobile is one of the main pieces of our daily lives.

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Some studies have observed that hybrid cars consume less fuel than the regular ones.

The enlisting of the electric processes into the operations of the engine means that less fuel is needed to power the hybrid cars.

There are many advantages of automobile in our modern society because they can have transportations, impact on American society, and the way automobile change our life.

Transportations has great advantage for modern society, since the 1920’s it has made a great impact on society all over the world.

Today, the automobile is the most important way of personal transportation for millions of people around the world, especially in developed countries.

People depend on their cars and trucks to travel to and from work, to run errands, to transport goods, to visit friends and relatives.

Some hybrid cars have their electric processes merged with the gasoline system so that it supplements the performance of gasoline at all times.

This class of hybrid cars is generally referred to as series hybrid cars (Anderson and Judy 91).

The mechanics of powering may vary in terms of degree and kind, but their combustion processes are powered by gasoline.

On the other hand, hybrid cars are powered by the combination of electric motors and gasoline combustion processes (Anderson and Judy 42).


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