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When these people pick up your resume, they want to know how you will help them solve their business problems - will this CIO candidate solve our ERP problems?

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Be very specific when you write about accomplishments.

Don’t say “increased sales” without saying how much you increased them.

In order to really appreciate your achievements, the reader needs context.

If you say that you “increased sales by 12%,” the reader may be quite impressed, but if you tell him that you “reversed a four-year sales decline and increased sales 12% in the first year,” he can now truly appreciate your accomplishment.

But if it’s missing even one of these elements, you need to rework it now.

Don’t begin your resume with an objective statement that describes your desires and career goals.Your resume design should be clean, easy-to-read and should draw attention to key information.If you want readers to focus on the top brands you’ve marketed, using bolding or color to highlight those names and place them in a prominent place in your introductory summary.Even the most caring senior executive simply doesn’t care what you are looking for – he only cares about “what’s in it for me?” He may care about what you want later when he knows you, but for now it’s all about him.Executive resumes that get results have one thing in common – they answer the employer’s key question: what’s in it for me?Your resume will be read by high-level recruiters, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, or Board Members.Follow these executive resume writing rules and you will see an improvement in the response rate to your resume.If you establish a clear focus, start with a powerful summary, express and quantify your accomplishments, provide context and design your resume well, your value will be clear to potential employers, who won’t have to ask: what’s in it for me? Use our library of executive resume samples for inspiration, or sign up for our free resume writing course.He or she can now appreciate the significance of the fact that you reversed that sales decline with 24 months, or that you actually achieved sales of million.Recruiters and hiring executives will judge the book by its cover, so make sure the cover is a good one!


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