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With this consideration, this paper will be discussing the issues of changes among business in accordance to management fashion as it complies with the theories of legitimacy and institutionalization.The continuous and dynamic competition in the global business arena has been very stiff and complex. “I changed my mind and decided I’d rather see Japan.” I left five days later by myself for Tokyo.

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Few companies, even those at the leading edge of knowledge management, have all the management processes, culture and tools in place to create and harness knowledge in a systematic way.After all, I can see an unmade bed and towels on the floor back home. My old style of travel was a process of self-discovery. My ingenuity and core values were signposts guiding me in any given situation. When being friendly got me invited to dinner with the Cambridge Rugby Team or to spend a week at a family’s farm in Provence, then I had concrete evidence of my impact on the world and a measure of myself.You nod your head with recognition: sure, now she earns more and can afford all this. I had an affair in Martinique with my windsurfing instructor, stayed up all night with street musicians in London, and I went from my youth hostel straight to dinner at the ultra elegant Hotel Crillon in Paris.Currently planning a trip to England with a friend, we booked a lovely hotel in the Cotswolds near walking trails, picturesque villages and a famous garden.“My ex-husband and I traveled through England in our early 20s,” my friend said.The role of the management and the strategy imposed by the organization as a whole should always be open minded for the occurrences of changes in order to adjust and cope with the tremendous development that are happening in the internal and external environment of the organization.With the constantly changing environment, many people especially those in the working organization find themselves normally adapting.For them, not knowing with whom they’ll next share a conversation is exciting, but at my middle age, it gives me more anxiety than delight.Today the only thing I might measure on vacation is the calories in a second brioche.I wore wrinkled wrinkle-free clothes plucked straight from my backpack, and a sheik sat at an adjacent table.I returned from my trips with a backpack of dirty laundry, a new sense of self and a lifetime of memories. When I travel, I don’t want to test myself; I want to be nurtured, entertained or educated and return home as a rejuvenated version of the self that left.


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