Fire Extinguisher Business Plan

The company was renamed Worthington Nitin Cylinders.

Since 2008, we also started acquiring stake in a UAE-based firm New Age Company through Nitin Ventures. New Age Company has offices at Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah and has installed fire protection systems in all seven emirates.

The most common fire extinguisher for a home or small business is a Class A – ABC Dry Powder extinguisher. However, some homes or businesses may require a more specialized portable fire extinguisher, such as a K-Type for grease fires or Class-D for metals.

You may contact the City of Lebanon Fire Department for assistance in determining if your home or business needs these types of fire extinguishers.

I improvised with whatever equipment were available.

For the rolling machine, we used a part of an old car. A new rolling machine would have cost around Rs 45,000.

My father had a small firefighting equipment manufacturing firm Zenith Fire services.

Since the age of eight, I started accompanying him to the firm’s manufacturing unit in Mumbai.

The size of our initial public offering (IPO) was Rs 65 crore. We used the proceeds from the IPO to set up a manufacturing unit for CNG cylinders at Visakhapatnam.

We set up a separate company Nitin Cylinders to operate the unit.


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