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On March 24, The National Post reported this study on its front page while its business section, The Financial Post, ran an op-ed by the study’s authors.A couple of days later, The National […] Iglika makes several cogent, high-level criticisms of the Fraser Institute’s “analysis” of how much government stimulus has contributed to Canada’s economic recovery.

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First, there are libertarian “privacy” concerns. Second, depriving the government […] That the HST will take a bite out of family budgets is clear to everyone.

The main question right now is just how big of a bite.

The Fraser Institute released their annual Consumer Tax Index report yesterday, claiming that the total tax bill of the average Canadian family now takes up 41.7% of their income.

This seems like a big number, which […] Serge Coulombe, an economics professor at the University of Ottawa, has a great op-ed in today’s Financial Post: The Fraser report looks at the change in the contribution of government expenditures to the GDP growth between the second and the third quarters, and the third and the fourth quarters, of 2009.

September 11th, 2014 Comments: 10 The Fraser Institute’s annual Consumer Tax Index report generated some media buzz with its outlandish claims about just how much taxes have risen since 1961.

Before you get worked up about this, consider that 1961 was over half a century ago, before the time of universal health care that we all benefit from, before the […] After analyzing “research reports” issued by the Fraser Institute or the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), I usually end up shaking my head in disbelief.

I can’t stand seeing people fall simple numbers tricks.

And while I realize that I don’t have the time to argue with everyone who is wrong on the Internet, I try to make it a point […] When confronted with a document as muddled as yesterday’s Canadian Consumer Tax Index, a major challenge is figuring out where to begin in critiquing it.

This piece is a great counterpoint to the Fraser Institute’s recent attack on public-sector salaries.

I hope it is printed […] Some colleagues at the US NGO Global Exchange tipped me off to some sneaky data doctoring done by the Fraser Institute on climate change.


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