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Summergathered in the weather, the wind had the proper touch, the breathing of the world waslong and warm and slow. The creepy one, say you are on a bus, riding home or to work, or you are in a restaurant, or you sit in a park and you eat your lunch, meanwhile other people around you talking. because you get to study the text very carefully in order to translate it correctly, this is a good tool to write in the future yourself.

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Today, despite all the odds I’m going to write something different than my short fiction story.

Today I’m going to write about exercises, not physical but writing exercises.

Will your story be about War, Aliens, maybe rejected love, the day after the rebelion, hangover in magic land…come on guys, your ideas. Yes I know that you may not know the language, but let’s say you use google translator and you see a text on English, try to work with it, try to write with it, or maybe transfer words, etc.

Our “job” in this exercise is “warm up” the brain, so that you could write something yourself.

Getting started on a creative writing project can be tricky.

Below are exercises to help writers starting out in different genres, as well as some exercises to help hone certain skills that are essential parts of creative writing in any genre.

These prompts are designed to kick start your imagination.

Divided up by genre, these exercises are perfect for beginners who aren't sure where or how to start.

Start a new story about something completely different, simply using that first line. You never know when you will be inspired by a story you previously felt you could not finish.

Or you might be able to take partial stories and make an entirely new one.


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