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The most effective way to burn off the humus is to use a furnace that is capable of reaching a temperature of 550°C.If this is not available, a Bunsen burner can be used instead.The difference between the two figures is the humus content, which can be expressed as a percentage of the mass of fresh soil sample.

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A quick way of judging soil texture in the field is outlined in the FSC soils types field guild identification chart.

Soil infiltration can be used to understand the soils composition and also how compact it is.

Collecting soil samples by digging holes is destructive and you must have permission from the landowner before you start.

Only remove a small amount from each place - not a trowel-load. Wash your hands thoroughly after carrying out soils work.

We have developed a GCSE Drama qualification for 2016 that encourages creativity, focus on practical work and develops skills that will support progression to further study of drama and a wide range of other subjects.

Our carefully selected set texts will inspire teachers and students and avoid the most popular performance texts.

Soil water content is measured by weighing the fresh soil sample, drying the sample, then weighing the dry soil.

The difference between the two figures is the soil moisture content.

The characters in Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, are based on historical figures who lived in Salem at the time of the famous trials for witchcraft.

Despite their historical basis, and the fact that the characters share the same fates as their historical counterparts, these figures are fictional creations.


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