Good Thesis Statement For Immigration Reform

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Yet in the real world, fortunately, justice usually pays. This brings me to my second big claim: Being just to foreigners would cost us less than nothing. Opponents of immigration spend most of their time staring at foreigners to find fault.

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For most foreigners, this permission is impossible to obtain.

law, it is illegal for a foreigner to work for a willing American employer or rent from a willing American landlord without government permission.

We should refrain from unjust actions even if they’re in our self-interest.

In the zombie apocalypse, you shouldn’t eat me because you’re hungry and I’m wimpy.

When Haitians move to the United States, their wages easily increase twenty-fold. The reason is that Haitians produce vastly more in America than they do in Haiti.

Think about how little you could contribute to the world economy if you were stuck in Haiti.

Friends of immigration restrictions often compare nations to families. I love my children more than I love the rest of you put together.

This is a good reason to worry that I’ll treat you unjustly if there’s ever a conflict of interest. “I want my beloved son to get this job” does not justify slashing rival candidates’ tires the morning of the final interview. Your love for Americans may tempt you to treat foreigners unjustly, but it’s no excuse for treating them unjustly.

The moral claim: Immigration restrictions are unjust.

Letting people work for willing employers and rent from willing landlords is not charity. And even though foreigners wickedly chose the wrong parents, they’re clearly people. Whatever your specific moral views, you know it’s wrong to prohibit a black, woman, or Jew from accepting a job or renting a home.


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