Google Adwords Case Study

Although Bing/Yahoo only occupies around 15% of the search engine market share, as a combined advertising network, it’s still by far the second biggest search engine.

In this case study, I will highlight some of the economic benefits of using Bing, and why it shouldn’t be forgotten about when planning an online advertising strategy.

It’s largely affected by the products/services sold and the market you operate in.

As mentioned, more advertisers are using the Bing platform, and it’s not new to suggest that it regularly proves to be more economical than Google.

As the client’s agency, it was our objective to optimise all campaigns for conversions and lower the overall CPA.

If we were unable to achieve this objective, the client’s plan was to allocate all of Bing’s budget into their Google Ad Words account.Update: We did this a lot for many clients that had small budgets or didn’t have the time focus on mobile.While we (very) occasionally employ this strategy today, we would now advise this client to find a way to service mobile searches even if it came down to just a few key individual pages.However, the main takeaway from this case study is not to ignore Bing when developing an online advertising strategy, even if you’ve not used it before and question its value.By structuring the account well and continuously optimising campaigns, it could prove to be a very cost-effective way of generating conversions.Now that mobile has surpassed desktop in the number of searches, there’s pretty much no business left that can ignore it.We took over the account in October and in just 90 days, we more than doubled the amount of qualified traffic (blue line) coming to the site from paid search while simultaneously spending half as much per visitor.Most PPC managers will have accounts they look after where this is apparent.However, it was the magnitude of the difference in the results that was so surprising.There are wide range of factors stopping clients from setting up a Bing Ads account, so it’s impossible to list them all.However, there are some regular excuses used such as, a lack of time to manage it, not understanding the platform, having a limited budget, or believing Google is the only search network worth investing in.


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