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The Coursework module manages blind, double-marking; marking workflows and allocation; automatic agreement of grades; and controls what feedback and grade information is shown to the student once their grade has been released.

During the Academic Update, you can update only previously planned/in-progress courses with your new grade information and add new planned courses for the future.

You cannot edit previously verified terms or add terms that you forgot to report from past years.

PTCAS will return your application to you for corrections or explanation if there are a significant number of course discrepancies or omissions.

Your application will be placed on hold until the corrections are fixed.The good news is you can all wriggle yourself out of a situation that could hinder your academic progress.All that is required is for you to say, “Write my coursework.” We recommend asking for help, as it allows somebody with the solutions to show up and help you make your way out of a problem that could derail you.After submission, you cannot update your courses in the Transcript Entry section until your application is in "verified" status.You can update your coursework from the day you are verified until the end of the application cycle; however, PTCAS will only update your GPA once during this Academic Update, if properly submitted by the Academic Update deadline.The official PTCAS reported grade will automatically populate.For non-graded courses, enter the appropriate letter abbreviation: Once you have entered all courses from all United States and Canadian institutions attended, complete the transcript review process to finalize your coursework section.Exams are an obligatory part of studying in college.However, writing a coursework can enhance your overall grade, so making an effort to create a great piece of writing is needed if you want to prove that you studied well.You must enter all attempts of every course taken, even if you later repeated a course or if your college removed the initial attempt from your GPA calculation.Mark the first, subsequent, and final course attempts as "Repeated." Enter the number of credit hours attempted, regardless of how many credits you earned. Enter any AP courses that appear on your official transcripts under the term the credit was granted by your college.


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