Great Depression Ww2 Essay

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It also protected workers who wanted to organize unions. It favoured large businesses over small ones, and many businesses did not follow the codes. Middle But by the time action could take place in order to provide some assistance, the country was again at war, and there was little interest or time in enacting new legislation.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the most towering president of the twentieth century.

The organized labor movement, strengthened by the war beyond even its depression-era height, became a major counterbalance to both the government and private industry.

The war’s rapid scientific and technological changes continued and intensified trends begun during the Great Depression and created a permanent expectation of continued innovation on the part of many scientists, engineers, government officials and citizens.

“Conversion” was the key issue in American economic life in 1940-1942.

In many industries, company executives resisted converting to military production because they did not want to lose consumer market share to competitors who did not convert.

The graph also show that just before the war started production started to rise slowly and steadily. came out of the war completely fine and economically strengthened by wartime industrial expansion, which placed the United States at absolute and relative advantage over both its allies and its enemies.

At a huge scale, the war not only ended the Great Depression, but created the conditions for productive collaboration after the war between the government and labor.

In the summer of 1940, about 5.3 million Americans were still unemployed — far fewer than the 11.5 million who had been unemployed in 1932 (about thirty percent of the American workforce) but still a significant pool of unused labor and, often, suffering citizens. For somewhat different figures, see Table 3 below.) In spite of these dismal statistics, the United States was, in other ways, reasonably well prepared for war.

The wide array of New Deal programs and agencies which existed in 1939 meant that the federal government was markedly larger and more actively engaged in social and economic activities than it had been in 1929.


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