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They are 2-dimensional representations of the same scene described in Greek mythology, both from the same artistic tradition.Both works were produced in the same medium (though using a slightly different technique), and at approximately the same period of Greek Art.

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Greek Vase Painting The main goal of this assignment is to describe, analyze, and compare two paintings.

These paintings are from the two different pieces of ancient Greek pottery.

This gives a carved, stone-like effect, lacking in naturalism.

Both figures on the painting are depicted clothed in flat, straight-edged garments.

Because of the production method these two paintings create different visual effects.

The first one, the Exekias painting has a limited color range, no linear perspective, no facial expressions "“ and yet it is very interesting and expressive.Another striking feature of the style is the lack of literal naturalism.Figures are often depicted with a profile face and frontal body, and runners are in the impossible position of both left (or right) arms and legs moving forward.The technique would eventually be replaced by the red-figure (reverse) technique around 530 BCE.The two styles were parallel for some time and there are even ‘bilingual’ examples of vases with both styles, but the red-figure, with its attempt to more realistically portray the human figure, would eventually become the favoured style of Greek pottery decoration.Penthesileia wears the long, shapeless dress, painted over with a dotted pattern.The edges are straight lines, and no hint of the shape of the female form showed.These paintings are created by two different artists and provide different answers to similar challenges "“ decorating a ceramic vessel, illustrating a story, creating a satisfying composition within the available space.The two works of Greek Art are: Amphora "“ a storage vessel decorated in the Attic Black-Figure technique by painter Exekias in 550 B. and Interior of the very large kylix "“ a shallow drinking cup decorated in Attic Red-Figure technique by Penthesileia painter in 475-450 B. Both of these works show the scene of the Greek hero Achilles killing the Amazon queen, Penthesileia.Before firing, a brilliant black pigment of potash, iron clay, and vinegar (as a fixative) was thickly applied to vases and gave a slight relief effect.Additional details such as muscles and hair were added to the figures using a sharp instrument to incise through the black to reveal the clay vessel beneath and by adding touches of red and white paint.


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