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Clean your bathtub, toilet and counters with a paste of baking soda and water.If you prefer to use commercial cleaners, there are many companies now offering environmentally friendly versions. Many of the products that we use every day can be made from recycled materials.Heating water accounts for approximately 15% of the average household energy bill.

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Next time you’re thinking of throwing something out, try and think of ways you can reuse it instead.

For example old containers can be used for storage, stained clothing can be used as rags for cleaning and broken hockey sticks make great garden stakes.

There are many new styles of clotheslines available now that are easily removable when not in use or that can be elevated to keep them out of the way. Instead of wrapping paper, choose newspaper (the comics work great when they’re in color), reusable gift bags or even leftover wallpaper.

When you receive a gift packaged in a reusable material be sure to save it for later.

That is a lot of electricity to dry all those clothes!

You can cut this down dramatically by hanging your clothes to dry.Also save your greeting cards and recycle them into gift tags. Have you ever looked at just how much waste your family generates in a one week period?Manufacturers use so much packaging that it is easy for a family of four to have several bags of waste come garbage day.If you get creative you may be surprised how many new uses you can find for items you thought were trash! Instead of throwing out items you don’t use anymore, give them to charity.Old clothing, shoes, home décor items, sporting goods and toys are all happily accepted by charities such as the Salvation Army.Doing so saves 70% - 90% of the energy and pollution versus using virgin materials.In particular, paper products are a great place for you to choose more environmentally friendly products.They use nearly 60% less water and chances are you won’t even notice the difference (until you get your electricity bill! Almost all household cleaning can be done using vinegar, baking soda and water.Use vinegar as a natural disinfectant, deodorizer, all purpose cleaner and window cleaner and add it to the rinse cycle of your laundry as a fabric softener.In the winter months opt for an indoor drying rack.When it’s warm outside you can move your indoor rack out to a deck or patio, or use an outdoor clothesline.


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