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If you are in the military or in a correctional facility, you may request your transcript by visiting Menu/ged/test/after/transcript_

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Use the links below to access sample questions for each subject area in the GED test battery.

When you click on an answer, a pop-up answer will notify you whether your choice is correct.

Search by your zip code for the GED Testing Center nearest you and ask for assistance with enrolling in a preparation class. Look in the local yellow pages under “schools.” Programs offered in community colleges may be listed under “adult education” or “continuing education.” Other options include performing a library search for literacy programs, high schools, and community colleges in your area.

Many GED testing centers maintain affiliations with test preparation providers. Visit America’s Literacy Directory at the Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS) web site. government also maintains a toll-free information number through LINCS where you may obtain information regarding classes in your area. Online Preparation The GED exam may NOT be taken online.

Content areas: Once you have gained some practice with the GED exams, the next step is to register and pass the GED testing battery. Fees vary by testing site and you will need to provide a government-issued photo ID (driver’s license or passport) along with social security card or student ID.

If you didn’t pass one of the GED tests, don’t worry.

These pass rates allow test-takers to make up for one area of weakness by strong performance in another; e.g.

a lower score in science may be made up for by a high score in social studies and result in an overall passing score on the GED!


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