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Are you worried about your upcoming speaking exam and subsequent written exams?You’ve come to the right place – I got an A1 in the subject in 2009, and I’d like to pass on what I have learnt.NATIONAL 5 At National 5 Level, we will work on two Units. Understanding Language This is about the ability to READ AND LISTEN to written and spoken French/Spanish. Using Language This is about the ability to TALK and WRITE in French All of the assessments for these Units will be carried out and marked by the class teacher and they will also be checked by someone from outside the school.

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Second draft will be completed in class and sent to SQA for marking. SQA NATIONAL 5 FRENCH Grammar and vocabulary: Direct Object Pronouns Adjectives 1 Adjectives 2 National 5 Vocabulary 3.

Speaking Preparation : SQA Speaking Assessment preparation : speaking booklet To help you prepare the Speaking Assessment: essay phrases VERBE DU JOUR Speaking Self Assessment: Speaking-Self-Assessment Speaking Conversation examples : Speaking Helpsheet Conversation 4.

The exam will take place in an empty room, ideally in a quiet area of the school, with just you and the examiner, along with the tape recorder.

The examiner will probably introduce herself, in English, and will explain what I’m about to explain.

This will be worth 20 marks ( scaled down to 15 marks) Candidates will have to produce a written response to a stimulus supported by bullet points.

Classroom teacher will use a marking code on the first draft in order to support pupils.Section one, titled ‘Reading’, will have 30 marks.( scaled 30 marks) There are three texts in the modern language.Candidates will respond to questions in English by using English.Component 3 — performance: Talking The performance will have 30 marks (scaled to 30 ).Candidates will deliver a presentation in the modern language.You can shorten the sentence and make it more direct: Fais attention! You can test out of the first two years of college and save thousands off your degree.Anyone can earn credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level.Here is my advice on all things French: This is how it works.A couple of weeks before the exam, your teacher must send the SQA the topics which you would like to talk about. You will also need to speak about your work in the Extended Reading/Viewing Unit (that work which will end up in your folio).For me, I chose the topics of the internet and immigration, and my folio contains a background essay about French cinema, and an essay on some poetry of Jacques Prévert, so I would have to speak about (at least one of) them too.The speaking is worth 25% of your overall grade, that is 50 of 200 possible points.


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