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Officials at Harvard University were quick to condemn the behavior of the 125 students suspected of collaborating inappropriately on a take-home exam.

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Far from meaningless talk, the honor code and declaration can have a positive psychological impact by reminding each student of the culture of academic honesty and integrity to which we all should strive.

And at the very least, a declaration of integrity is unlikely to have any negative effects on academic honesty.

Many of these students say cheating is the only way they can keep up with their work, Galloway said; it’s cheat or be cheated.

“We really live in a society where getting ahead of the next guy is a primary value.

By the time students get to college, they have internalized messages “mistakenly conveyed to them” by both society and the educational system that the experience “is simply a means to an end,” said Teddi Fishman, director of Clemson University’s International Center for Academic Integrity.

“The students who make it to us (and especially the ones who end up in schools like Harvard) have learned exactly what they have to do to succeed, and sadly, that often has very little to do with becoming educated,” Fishman said in an e-mail.

“Instead, it’s almost solely about figuring out what will be asked (in papers, tests, and other assessments), learning that material long enough to produce it when necessary, and then moving on to the next thing.” Mollie Galloway, an assistant professor of education and counseling at Lewis & Clark College in Oregon, conducted research finding that 93 percent of students at a group of affluent high schools had cheated in one way or another – be it copying answers, using electronics in class, or plagiarizing.

Singling out the juniors and seniors, she found that 26 percent had cheated in 7 or more of 13 different ways.


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