How To Improve Your Problem Solving Skills

How To Improve Your Problem Solving Skills-40
For many years, they have found that amazing ideas, solutions to problems and obstacles often come to people when they aren’t actively trying to develop a solution.The incubation period works because your brain gets to take a break from everything distracting you.

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In many situations when people encounter a problem, they tend to default to what they outside an existing problem to generate more creative solutions. The idea is to take everything apart and think beyond the existing principle.

Should narrows your thinking process to one answer, the one that seems most obvious.“…when we think in terms of “could,” we stay open-minded and the trade-offs involved inspire us to come up with creative solutions,” says Francesca Gino of Harvard Business Review. This process opens up your mind to new ways to figure out better solutions.

One good analogy is worth three hours of discussion, says Dudley Malone. Example, if you don’t have enough money to get a mortgage, you could divide the obstacle into “too little income,” “high expenses,” and “expectations of future house.”And then address each category on its own.

Once you have categories, it’s very easy to continue digging.

The idea is to take everything apart until you have the individual pieces Once you’ve broken your problem down, you can easily analyse the cause, and, finally, execute the best action plan.

The point of analysis is to never accept statements at face value, including your own.“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns to look at things in a different way,” says Edward de Bono. Their job is to question basic assumptions to figure things out.

If the stakes are high or the cause is hard to pin down, they will schedule an X-ray, lab work, or an MRI, but only after first using simpler methods. That’s how you start finding answers to everyday problems.

They have a system, an approach (both simple and complex) to help you get better again. You get close and collect information about how the problem is manifesting.

The problem is posed in terms of a tree of decisions.

A decision tree can help you consider various courses of action with greater ease and clarity.


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