How To Solve Economic Problems

How To Solve Economic Problems-65
Increasingly investors and shareholders are starting to look for these things as part of a company’s business sustainability.What does it take for these types of models to achieve scale?By erasing private-public sector boundaries, the ‘Solution Economy’ is unlocking trillions of dollars in value.

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Of course, the goal isn’t always to keep getting bigger and bigger.

As per the title of your book, you believe that we are in the midst of a ‘solution revolution’. It has become clear to most people that we can’t rely on government alone to tackle wicked problems such as climate change, poverty and crumbling infrastructure.

My Deloitte co-author William Eggers and I set out to explore the growing space that exists between government performance and citizen expectations, and how society is working to close the gap.

The Acumen Fund is a New York-based fund that looks for early-to-mid stage sustainable businesses in emerging markets and asks for a 0,000 to ,000,000 capital investment up front.

They get these companies started up, and then at a certain point they say, “Okay, this business is on its way; we are not going to be involved in the next level of financing.” At this point, others get involved.


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