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You can simply click each of the template links below to open now, or right click your mouse to save for later use.A basic business plan outlines the answers to questions about your intentions such as: Here's the basic structure in summary from the downloads above: It's best to write this last after you've prepared the rest of your plan because this is simply a summary of the whole plan.The first step in planning your business venture, clarifying your ideas, aims and objectives is to write a business plan.

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These free business plan templates can help you quickly write a business plan.

You can download the templates to your computer as they are Adobe PDF files.

Define the market in which you plan to sell and then focus on the segments of the market in which you compete. Give a typical customer profile for each market segment you target.

For example, you might target businesses with a turnover of more than £2 million. What are the advantages and disadvantages of their products and services compared with yours?

If you have a direct sales force, include all the hidden costs like management time.

Analyse the capacity and efficiency of your operations and your planned improvements.Cover issues such as price, quality and distribution. Summarize your proposed marketing and sales activities, such as positioning, pricing and promotion.Explain how you’ll position your products or services in the market place.It helps you to clarify your objectives, identify strategic directions, and set targets.It can also assist you with growing your business and securing funding.Before you start working on your business plan, refine your goals.Outline your target market, your customers and the other businesses you’ll compete against in that market. Describe the nature and distribution of your existing customers.Outline any ideas you have to improve your distribution.Analyse the cost efficiency of each of your selling methods, such as telesales, a direct sales force, agents, or the Internet.As your market is made up of customers describe their characteristics.You also need detailed information about your competitors and why you'll be able to take market share from them.


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