Human Rights Case Studies For Students

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Students sold fruit jellies and coloured and gelled hair on the Microcredit Fun Day.

The profit, together with the Casual Day money, was $1,391.

They participated in a simulation game and examined personal stories to learn how small loans can make a big difference to people’s lives.

Action Students set up their own microcredit businesses for the school Microcredit Fun Day. They learnt about their product or service, undertook surveys to gauge the market and wrote a business plan. One group of students learned how to apply hair gel and colour spray, another practised their skipping skills so they could instruct their customers, and another was taught hand massage by a parent.

Learning about how people in other countries manage water resources extended their understanding about the diversity of opinions and priorities around environmental issues.

School: Magill Primary School, South Australia Year level: Reception – year 2Number of students involved: 300 Impetus for action Education officers from the Global Education Centre presented information about microcredit to students.

The school hopes to keep in touch with the villagers as they take out loans to set up small businesses.

Going further Global education teaching activity Microfinance School: suburban Melbourne Year level: Years 9–10Number of students involved: 25 Impetus for action To re-engage students in their commerce subject by focusing on the marketing of sporting goods that are produced according to fair trade principles.

Action The students developed a plan to protect the creek, which included planting trees and native grasses and putting hay bales along the banks and in the creek to lower turbidity; requesting tip managers, farmers and people further up Blind Creek to limit run-off; and placing collection grids in the creek and doggy-poo bag holders and bins in the reserve to limit rubbish.

They wrote to the local council with their suggestions.


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